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From the Herd

Coaching Leaders

Unbridle deeper presence, resilience, empathy, trust, communication and overall effectiveness.  With or without horses, explore different approaches to leadership and working together as a herd.

Coaching Through Change and Disruption

What’s coming next is up to each of us.     Coaching  helps us get back in the saddle and ride  beyond the crisis or disruption onto the next opportunity. 

Integral® Coaching

Get to the heart of the matter through self awareness and regulation attuning to mind body and heart.

EQuine™ Coaching

Connect with a horse and they will help you stay true and present.  Team up with them for breakthroughs.

Career Coaching

Interview with presence and confidence. Get offers for opportunities you really want. 

Transition Coaching

Transition beyond life disruptions with new narratives, competencies, and a plan to move forward.


What if horses are not here to work for us, but work on us?

Linda Kohanov

About Me

My name is Monica Anderson. In 2015, I jumped the pasture fence and launched a coaching and consulting career focusing in the Medtech space.    For me the coaching is a lifestyle and continuous journey of personal growth as much as it is a profession working with clients.

There have been many planned and unplanned transitions in my life.  I took the  first step forward with coaching and  completed a year long program where I also worked with a coach.  I am certified as an Integral® Coach through New Ventures West accredited through the International Coach Federation.  I am also certified in the ADKAR ®  change management model that  focuses on the individual when implementing organizational change.  This past year I have been working as an  equine guided practitioner (EAL, EAC) in an apprentice program with Spirit Dance, LLC in New Mexico.  

Prior to coaching, I spent my career pioneering new medical technology and wellness apps during  turbulent times working with global organizations of all sizes from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, and co-owned an orthopedic distributorship.  Many of my companies were acquired or re-organized or both. During these times of change, the business demands continued.     

Smoothness is the exception with big changes and it feels messy for awhile whether you planed it or it happened unexpectedly. Transformational change has a positive energy that feels like the first time you stand up on a surf board and catch a wave to shore.    This energy  can be harnessed to move through challenging and exciting times on to the next phase of life. 

My approach to coaching  is unique.   I include horses in my coaching programs and workshops.  If they can’t always join us in person,  I bring them into the coaching conversations metaphorically and use virtual technologies and audio visual aids. 

Why horses?   The horse can be extremely helpful to us now more than ever because they are non-predator sentinel beings and use their senses and great size to sense energy and  survive. They are extremely present and can sense what’s going on with people, and help us understand ourselves at a deeper level. My personal story will share more about how horses helped me heal and move beyond cancer and shape my career path as a coach and equine guided practitioner.  


When connections occur between horses and humans, opportunities are unbridled.

Monica Anderson

Sunshine at Sibley Equine Conservancy

Horses  help us embody trust, respect and confidence. 


Monica’s experience with healthcare providers made me feel that she knew my environment. It was fun working with her and I felt she understood the challenges of transitioning from business owner and practitioner to working on the service side of healthcare. She focuses on value based decision making and the power of presence and the importance of connecting first with yourself, then with others as you move forward in transition. I highly recommend Monica for healthcare providers looking to make changes in their practices or vocation.

KW, Minneapolis Sr. Clinical Research Associate


During my first conversation with Monica I told her I was a recovering robot. She asked what it was like being a robot? We both laughed and after several conversations the breakthrough came with the realization that feeling emotions is not the same as expressing them. Having feelings and expressing them appropriately is not a sign of weakness, it is part of our humanity and developing trust as a leader, especially in a fast paced demanding start-up.

 EJ, San Francisco, Tech CEO Founder


I really like working with Monica because our sessions are precious and valuable. She listens and does not judge. I feel seen. I can tell that I am becoming more self-aware and can manage stress better. I was stuck with my job search. She Helped to re write my resume. Her coaching has been invaluable.

KA, Palo Alto Physical Therapist


We all need coaches in life – there’s no shame in hiring a coach. In fact, I am very proud that I invested in Monica. She pushed me to do introspective work and then helped me collect the external rewards.

CE, Minneapolis CEO


 I was given the opportunity to work with an executive coach and at first I was somewhat hesitant. It soon became clear that having a coach was a huge benefit. Monica helped me understand my core values and how they impacted my leadership style and work preferences. She helped me see my blind spots, and develop more self-awareness and practices to stay present and connected in challenging situations.

H.M., Minneapolis, Head of Operations

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