2020 Year End Reflection and Collection
Published December 8, 2020
Runaway Horse 2020

What a wild year we’re all in together to say the least!   I feel like I’ve been riding scared on a runaway horse. I was falling off a few times but managed to hang on with my eyes wide open guided by the horse.  Finally, the end of the trail is in sight and soon 2020 will be behind us. Things are starting to slow down a bit, like they always do in December, even in a pandemic.

With less than one month to go in this COVID year, how can so much grief and gratitude co-exist? Now is not the time to run wild and free. There are no holiday parties or traditional family gatherings to attend and most bars and restaurants are closed. December invites us to quiet our minds so we can draw inward and reflect on the year and collect or finish what we’ve started. I sense in my gut that we are not out of the woods yet with the virus or social turmoil, so this reflection and collection time could bolster us for any untoward year end surprises.

As I write this, I feel somewhat collected. Collected is a term well known to horses and horse people. Collected is when the horse straightens their back, lifts their belly, and propels forward using the powerful hindquarters. It is a place of power for the horse and if you are the rider, you may feel one with your horse, magically aligned and steady.

Below is an invitation to reflect and collect yourself after this wild ride in 2020 and prepare to saddle-up for 2021.

1) What shifted for me this year?
(physical, emotional, spiritual, insights, changes, loss, gains, habits, transitions)

2) What am I grateful for this year?

3) Who or what inspired me this year?

4) What did I accomplish this year?

5) What are my losses this year, and how am I grieving?

6) Who supported me this year, and who did I support?

7) What is left for me to do to “collect” this year?

There is still time to collect in December and honor your 2020 journey as you prepare to forge ahead in the New Year. Schedule time with me to discuss your collection reflection and plans for the New Year by zoom, or we can mask-up and head out to the barn!

Written by Monica

In 2015, I jumped the pasture fence and launched a coaching career while continuing to consult and work in the medical device industry. I soon realized that coaching is a lifestyle and continuous journey of personal growth as much as it is a profession serving clients with big dreams and goals.

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