My Story

Why horses, why now? I was knocked off “my high horse” in 2016 with a breast cancer diagnosis followed by a double mastectomy. I was anxious, scared, and grieving deeply and fearful of my future.  I impatiently struggled to heal ahead of schedule and start my life again. I felt put out to pasture and basically done.

I was blessed to recover in a community with horses, and each day visited them with carrots. One of the horses had a missing an eye. He used to be a racehorse. I stood on the side of his missing eye and we grieved our losses together. This horse helped me accept that I will never be who I was before, and that I needed to re-establish trust in my body and hope for my future as I moved beyond cancer. I learned the difference between hope and faith. 

I experienced first hand that  the healing starts from the inside out.  “The issues are in the tissues”.  Our bodies give off energy.  Horses can sense it when we get out of the car and walk towards their pasture.  Horses as non-predators  can sense if a bear or  mountain lion  is in the area and energetically know if it is  hungry or not. When working with horses, they sense our congruencies, truths and any falsehoods.   Horses are emotional detectives, and the ultimate lie detectors.

Horses value safety, comfort, play (joy) and food.  Let’s face it so do we, especially in times of chronic uncertainty and change.  

The horses I work with have been screened by me and other equine specialists and are considered safe and  kind in their natural state.  They’ve been through a lot and  have their own stories to share too.  They are assistants, partners, guides and advisors. They are non-judgmental and connect and communicate with their whole being. They can tell us things without words and help us explore our emotions.  We feel it versus think it. Horses help us give our bodies a voice.   Sometimes there is no way to describe it, but you know and sense that there is an understanding or breakthrough. This has been my experience when spending time with horses and working with them, in and out of the saddle. This is my dream come true to bring coaching into the world of horses.    I look forward to connecting with you hearing your story, and introducing you to some of the horses I work with.  

Taking the first step with Sunshine at Sibley Equine Conservancy, Meadow Ridge Farm

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