Find a new career path, or get back on the trail!

This is the biggest economic disruption in our lifetime,  and you may be one of many who are forced to rethink your career and even your retirement plans.   Are you scrambling to find an income?  I can help you find a income, but also find your calling and meaningful work. I am passionate about helping people in career transition, and have a lot of experience helping people land new positions. My first coaching  job was with a major global outplacement and leadership development firm.  I know what it must be like for you, because I have experienced it first hand and have helped hundreds of people find their next career opportunity and live in vocation.

When your career is up in the air, take heart that you will land the right opportunity. 

What Is Career Coaching?


Take inventory of your career, and discover what you want to do next

I have several resources I work with to develop customized programs and that can help you explore your career highlights, values, skills, interests, and life design.


Develop communication plans and tools

To build confidence, I will help you develop a solid narrative on why you are in the job market, your elevator pitch, resume, and LinkedIn profile.


Target desired organizations, network, and start your search

Now employers are hiring people who align with their values. Target companies you see yourself working with that are mission based and aligned with your values. Now is the best time ever to network, and it will improve your chances for an interview and offer.

Prepare for interviews so they become relaxed conversations

People hire people they like who are qualified. Staying connected in the interview is critical to the likability factor. I can help you ground yourself with micro meditations and breathing techniques so you can relax and listen and converse with confidence. We can work together to help you anticipate questions, reframe any potential negatives, relate your experience to the position requirements, and close the interview knowing where you stand as a candidate and the next steps.

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