Horses are the ultimate emotional intelligence detectives.

Horses are intuits who see us how we really are and sense what we feel even if we don’t.  They are  present even if we aren’t. They see the disconnect between what we are doing and saying and what’s really going on inside.  They help us connect with our essence and truths and live grounded in the moment.

Teamwork activity, compliments of Lynn Baskfield, my teacher and friend

 ” She told herself she could” 

What Is EQuine™ Coaching?


Emotional intelligence and equine values assessment

Horses are non-predators and assess their situation with their whole body. They take action and express themselves when their needs are not met for safety, comfort, play and food. When people want to make behavior changes, the  values alignment assessment  helps focus attention on where there can be the greatest impact from coaching.  Working with me and a horse, can jump start the process.   


Harness your emotions and use them effectively for personal and professional excellence

“Anyone can become angry-that’s easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right point of degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way- thats is not easy. – Aristotle

I will help you deepen your self- awareness and self regulation skills with insights and feedback from the horse.


Accelerate personal and professional breakthroughs with equine assistance and team building workshops

Are you trying to develop deeper trust with your team? Would you like to become more present, connected or patient? Would you like to learn to lead from behind? Interested in being less aggressive and more assertive? Are you and your team exploring opportunities and challenges during COVID times? I can help you with a herd of horses who are experts at this!

Learn how to live and lead with empathy and a herd mentality

We live and work in herds like horses and are interdependent. Horses can guide us with empathy training, setting boundaries,  and help us trust and respect one another free of prejudice and judgement.

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