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Integral coaching involves coaching the whole person;  mind, body, and heart.  It’s about aligning your values with your actions, and living and leading with authenticity and empathy.   Integral coaching is both practical with short term measurable goals,  but also growth oriented long term.  When your goals are met, the coaching we did together continues to unfold even after the program ends.

Cooper  with unbridled possibilities. 

What Is Integral® Coaching?


The relationship and trust starts during the intro alignment meeting and program development

Your program will be customized with objectives and  measurable expected outcomes.  It’s a partnership and dynamic enrollment process between us.


Change, transition, and growth follow aha moments

Coaching conversations, books, poetry,  visuals, new narratives, reflections, feedback from others, and sessions with horses help facilitate aha moments that become foundations for achieving your goals and growth.  


Somatic practices are used to embody lasting change

Somatic practices are integrated with journaling and reflections to help the changes take hold over time. We are who we have become over a lifetime, and somatic practices help us shift into new possibilities and embody new ways of being.


Presence, empathy, and connection are critical leadership qualities

Horses can help you fully feel and observe the quality of your own presence and impact. I have other practices that do not involve working with horses to achieve the same present awareness.   Connection and presence with yourself will help you become a relational versus transactional leader and build trust with your team and colleagues. Coaching can be powerful when both the client and coach show up fully present and authentic with what is there in the moment. 

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