Harness the energy of change to navigate through times of  uncertainty.

All humanity is living through times of planned and unplanned change, political chaos, and COVID19 disruptions that are very unsettling and can be stressful and unhealthy. Many are also dealing with cancer, care of a family or parents, loss of income grieving over the death of loved ones, and the life as we knew it. We are all in this together but coming from different situations and perspectives.  I can meet you where you are and help you forge a path forward.

Risk to Bloom.
And then the day came
when the risk to remain
in a tight bud
was more painful than the
risk to bloom.
– Anais Nin

What Is Transition Coaching?


Living beyond cancer

From diagnosis through recovery and healing, I offer customized coaching programs to support you where ever you are as you move forward beyond cancer.


Next chapter life design

When you are dreaming and planning about what comes next in life, I offer a guided process that helps you take the fork in the road.


Grief support after a major loss

There is no right way or time line to start life again and grieve after a major loss. Life continues on its own. There are no steps to hurry through or check off. I offer empathetic and compassionate support to help you rebuild your life after the shattering from losing someone or something you loved and lost.


Resiliency coaching for stress management and clarity

When we are afraid we can’t think. Our animal brain takes over and we are in fight, freeze, flight mode. It is hard or impossible to make good decisions. I can help you become self aware of your emotions and how they are impacting your thoughts so you can self regulate and reduce stress, feel more calm and confident, and make better decisions.

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